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Cold Store Design and Fabrication

Custom Cold Store Fabrication from Elins Black Tech Engineers.

Whether you have a restricted space, a difficult area to get to or a hostile environment, we will fabricate a cold store to fit.

• We create bespoke cold stores to your precise specification.

• We fabricate cold storage solutions for any purpose and to fit into any environment.

Cold rooms are unsurprisingly quite large. We measure their size by how many pallets they can hold. A Black Tech design Engineer will work with you on special projects to customize to your tase and requirement including size and finishing materials.

Do you need your cold store to perform specific tasks? We would love to help.

Does your project require changing the temperature of the cold room by a specific amount at a specified time? We would love to help.

We build for;

•Hotels •Restaurants •Seafood Processing •Meat Packing •Pharmaceutical •Cold Storage •Warehouse •Event Center •Bakery •cooling truck •Hospital

With a Programmable Digital Thermostat

Our Fabrication Process

We perform most of our fabrication and servicing off-site and in our workshop. Your cold room will be built, delivered and installed all by our highly trained team.

We dismantle and strip any old or worn panels and components from an existing cold storage unit.

We then replace all panels with new ones, replace the insulation with leading brands and fabricate the cold store to your specific dimensions. At this point we will also discuss extras that you may want eg; ice cube maker, inbuilt power generator, tow away frame, programmable thermostat etc

The interior fabrication includes fitting Lights, Alarms, Doors, Ramps, and floors are all prepared for final use including the addition of special abrasive resistant grippy flooring

The cold storage unit is complete and ready for delivery. Exterior paneling is painted and branded in your business name and warning safety decals are applied. New Doors, Locks and hinges are all present.

After we have finished fabricating the cold store and running all our final checks, our team will deliver and install your cold room.

Cold Store Services

We build, maintain and service Cold Rooms of any size for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Event Centers, etc

We Design and fabricate mobile Cold Stores to your taste!

Comes with a free ice cube machine!


  • Cold Store Design and Fabrication
  • Portable Cold Storage units
  • Replacement Parts
  • Cold Store Maintenance, Service and Repairs


With original replacement parts!


  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Evaporator
  • Refrigerants


We sell and help replace original accessories


  • Refrigerants
  • oxygen & acetylene
  • voltage protection
  • descaling chemicals


Our unique Selling Points


  • Mobile
  • Fast freeze
  • In-built power generator
  • Energy savings
  • Certified professionals
  • Original replacement parts


Portable Cold Storage Units

For temperature controlled storage. Utilizing the most modern and technologically advanced refrigeration systems, combined with the latest panel design, Black Tech Portable Cold Store is a unique multi-temperature unit.
The obvious choice for all events:
Portable Cold Storage Fabrication, Rental, and Refurbishment are what we’ve been doing for 30 years, offering competitive prices and fabrication solutions. We design to your taste and business requirement. We can offer Portable Cold store Rental, Repair & Refurbishment of your Existing Cold Storage Units. We can also supply Coldstores in sizes ranging from 14 pallet stores through to 34 pallets at 2 and 3 pallets wide delivered and installed by us, directly to your site.
This all-around brilliant freezer complies with every relevant standard available and the even better part is that you can rent this from us on a very flexible basis. Renting this cold room can be great if you have a weekend event or if you’re not entirely convinced you need a cold store.

Cold Store PMA
Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Get your old cold store serviced by us. Sign a Preventive Maintenance Agreement and leave all worries to us.
Maintaining and checking a cold room material and integrity is vital in order to prevent malfunction or breakages in the cold store. We would much rather find a problem early and deal with it before equipment breaks down.

It’s worth saying that our cold rooms very rarely malfunction on their own but we still think it’s important to check up on them and change anything we find that may have been damaged or wear and tear.


Yes, you can. Our cold stores come with inbuilt digital programmable thermostats so all your fish, meat, drinks or whatever you want to preserve is stored at just the right temperature.

Yes we do. We also design, fabricate and deliver mobile cold stores for all kinds of events. They are all available for purchase or rent.

Get your cold store serviced professionally by ELINS BlackTech. Sign a Preventive Maintenance Agreement and worry no more about keeping your cold store in good shape.